Translation, localization, proofreading

Übersetzung, Lokalisierung, Lektorat

Good translation means smart business. You went to great lengths to develop your ideas into exceptional content. The way you communicate that content in another language should be an equally meticulous process. An inaccurate translation has the potential of changing the meaning of your message, and damaging your business. Using good translating services, on the other hand, delivers the right message to your target market while establishing your company’s good reputation.

And if your goal is to inform, educate, entertain, or simply exchange ideas with other people, the way you convey your message tells a great deal about you and the values you share with your audience.

If you need effective content in Spanish to target the Spanish-speaking market, this is something I can help you with.

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  • English - Spanish
  • German - Spanish

Do you need an accurate translation of your website, a job contract, correspondence, product descriptions, e-books, online courses, etc.?


If your aim is to adapt your products and services to the Spanish-speaking market, you will need more than translating text into Spanish. The translation needs to make sense to the audience of the target language while preserving the meaning of the original source.

Proofreading and editing

I can help proofreadig your Spanish text, either original or translated, and correcting grammar and spelling errors, vocabulary, punctuation or style.
I will optimize your text flow so that it will be easy to read.

Transcreation or creative translation

Transcreation is more than literal translation. If your goal is to advertise your product in an international marketplace, transcreation can get you there. Transcreation allows you to translate text in your source language into ideas that are culturally relevant to your target audience. The message conveyed through the transcreation process should have the same emotional impact on the target audience as the original source.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Yes, if you are looking for a linguist…

…who has an excellent command of the Spanish language.
…who is a qualified language professional (not just a native speaker).
…who is proficient in English and German having lived in countries where English and German are spoken.
…who understands the business world having worked for international companies.
…who combines subject knowledge and courses on specialized translation.
…who uses translation tools that ensure an accurate and consistent translation (SDL Trados Studio, XTM).
…whose work is always well-researched.

If you still have questions, ask me for references.

Translation prices will be calculated based on the number of source words, complexity, and deadlines. Send me an email and ask me for a quote.

Spanish is the native language of about 450 million people spread over 22 countries. Each region has its own peculiarities and local-specific terminology.

Considering the recipient of the text, there are two options for a translation into Spanish. If you want to sell your products in all Spanish-speaking countries, I can use neutral or international Spanish, i.e. Spanish that is easy to understand by anyone whose native language is Spanish. If your project is aimed at a specific country or region, I can provide the needed Spanish nuances for your target audience.

I only translate written texts. If you need a professional interpreter, I can provide some recommendations.

Contact me if you need a certified translation of an official document. I have a network of skilled translators that can help you.